Ash availability in Ash Dykes of CSPGCL for the month of Dec2020
S.No. Name of Thermal Power Station Existing facility for Ash collection Area acquired for ash disposal (Ash Bund)  Approx. quantity of ash available in the Ash Bund 
Dry Fly Ash Wet Ash (in Hectares) (in MT)
1 KTPS, Korba East Silo Ash Dyke 277.48 33899866.76
2 DSPM TPS, Korba East Silo Ash Dyke overflow lagoon 133.23 17674425.91
3 HTPS, Korba West (including  1x500 MW KW Ext.) Silo Ash Dyke 452.466 56342753.73
4 ABVTPS, Janjgir Champa Silo Ash Dyke 207.834 3842713.74
  Total     1071.01 111759760.13
          CSPGCL, Raipur
  Note :        
1 The dry ash & pond ash (wet ash) are issued to all users free of cost.    
2 The Dry ash from silos is issued to brick / tile manufacturing units free of cost.   
3 The ash generated in various plants is used in development of low laying area, raising of ash dykes and for agricultural uses
  Contact Details :        
1 KTPS, Korba East (1) Shri. S. N. Dewangan, SE(Gen.) - 7869504795, (2). Shri. L. K. Chauhan, SE (Civil) - 9406260868
2 HTPS, Korba West (1) Shri. S. Pandya, SE(Gen.) - 9425219911, (2). Shri. R. K. Tikariha, ACE (Civil) - 9827176280
3 DSPM TPS, Korba East (1)  Shri. P. R. Warte, SE(Gen.) - 8225894037, (2). Shri. L. K. Chauhan, SE (Civil) - 9406260868
4 ABV TPS, Janjgir Champa (1) Shri. Christopher Ekka, SE (AHP) - 9425539746, (2) Shri. K. C. Agrawal, SE (Civil) - 8770643755