Introduction: The Hasdeo Bango Hydel Electric Project is situated at village Machadoli, Katghora, Korba at left bank of Hasdeo River. This Project is designed for multipurpose use. The Project was sanctioned by Planning Commission in March 1984. Hasdeo Bango Dam meets the water requirement of Aluminum Plant, SECL, NTPC, CSPGCL, Korba Town and other industrial units.


Geographical Location: The Hasdeo Bango Hydro Electric Plant is situated at Hasdeo River, the geographical location is at Latitude 223613.69 N & Longitude 823549.95 E [Turbine Floor is at 302.44 Meters from MSL]


Capacity: Three units of 40 MW each.


Salient Features:

Dam and Reservoir:

Maximum Water Level


Full Reservoir Level (FRL)

359.50 meter

Minimum draw down level

329.79 mter

Gross Storage at FLR

0.34 hectare

Dam Height

365.00 Meter

Crest Level

345.66 meter

Length of spill Way

203.50 meter

Number and Size of Gate

11 nos, 15 X 14 meters

Hydro Electric Turbo Generator:


BHEL make, Vertical Fransis


BHEL make, Umbrella

Rated Net Head

53 Meters

Maximum Gross Head

67.76 Meters

Minimum Gross Head

34.29 Meters

Rated Discharge

84.6 Cubic Meters/Sec.

Rated Turbine Speed

187.5 rpm

Generating Voltage

11 KV

Generator Transformer

63 MVA, 11/132KV


Commissioning dates:

                          Unit I - March 1994

                          Unit II - July 1994

                          Unit III - November 1994


Project Cost: Project Cost of Bango Hydel Station was `105.39 Crores (Civil Works: ` 33.70 Crores, Electrical & Mechanical Works: ` 71.69 Crores)


Power Evacuation: The Power is evacuated through 132 KV Korba East, Jamnipali, Manendragarh and Bishrampur feeders.


Achievements: National Award with Gold Shield by Ministry of Power, Govt. of India in recognition of outstanding performance during the year of 2006-07.