Introduction:  The Gangrel Hydro Electric Power Station is situated at Gangrel in left bank of “Mahanadi” which is about 13 km away from Dhamtari and 90 km from Raipur. The Gangrel Hydro Electric Power Station is designed and developed for “Incidental Power Generation” by irrigation release from Mahanadi Reservoir.


Geographical Location: The geographical location is at Latitude 20°37’02.60” N & Longitude 81°33’47.22” E [Turbine Floor  is at 324.76 Meters from MSL.]


Capacity: The total capacity of the plant is 10 MW, which consists of 4 units, each of 2.5 MW Capacity.



·       Power House Civil Work was carried out by M/s SEW Construction Ltd.

·       Power House Electrical & Mechanical work was carried out by M/s Alstom.


Commissioning dates :

·       Unit-I     - 02.04.2004

·       Unit-II    - 29.06.2004

·       Unit-III   - 17.10.2004

·       Unit-IV   - 05.11.2004


Project Cost:

·               Project Cost of Gangrel Hydel Plant was ` 39.76 Crores.


Salient Feautures:


         The Turbine is M/s Alstom make vertical Full Kaplan with automatically adjustable guide vanes & runner blades. The rated output is 2650 KW, rated speed 375 rpm and rated discharge is 16.277 m3/sec for single unit. The rated head is 18 Meters, Full Reservoir Level is 348.70 and Minimum Draw Down Level is 336.21 meters.


         M/s VA-Tec make Generator of rated output 2.942 MVA & generating voltage 3.3 KV and M/s Crompton Greaves make Generator Transformer of capacity 3.3 MVA is provided for each unit to deliver the power at 33 KV.


Power Evacuation: The generated power is evacuated through 33KV Gangrel & Chitod feeders.