Introduction:  The Mini Hydel Plant is situated at return canal of Hasdeo Thermal Power Station, Korba West. The Mini Hydel Plants are intended to utilize the available discharge head of cooling water in the return canal for power generation which was untapped earlier in thermal power plants using open circuit cooling system.


Geographical Location: The geographical location is at Latitude 22°25’01.75” N & Longitude 82°41’11.37” E  [ 291.69 Meters from MSL]


Capacity: The total capacity of the plant is 1.7 MW, which consists of 2 units, each of 0.85 MW capacity.


Commissioning dates:

·       Unit-I  - 12.01.2003

·       Unit-II - 29.05.2007


Project Cost:

·               Project Cost of the Power House was ` 4.52 Crores.


Salient Feautures:

·               Turbine of Unit-I is full Kaplan type, L&T make & , and Generator is of Kirloskar make.

·       Turbine of Unit –II is “S” Type Full Kaplan, Boving Fouress make & Generator is of Crompton Greaves make.


Power Evacuation: The generated power is evacuated through 6.6 KV Reserve Bus for station supply of Hasdeo Thermal Power Station, Korba West.