Chhattisgarh State Power Generation Company Ltd.


Record Performance during Financial Year 2010-11



Record Figures

Ever highest thermal Generation of CSPGCL

13875.822 (MU)

Ever highest thermal PUF of CSPGCL


Ever lowest Specific oil consumption  of CSPGCL

0.681 (ml/kwh)

Ever lowest DM Water consumption  of CSPGCL



Dr.Shyama Prasad Mukharjee TPS, (2X250 MW) Korba East


Ever highest  Generation of Dr.SPM TPS Complex

4240.074 (MU)

Ever highest  PUF of Dr.SPM TPS Complex


Ever lowest Specific oil consumption of Dr.SPM TPS

0.312  (ml/kwh)

Ever lowest DM Water consumption of Dr.SPM TPS Complex

0.81 %


Hasdeo Thermal Power Station, (4X210 MW) Korba West


Ever highest Generation HTPS Complex

6696.300 (MU)

Ever highest PUF  HTPS Complex


Ever lowest Specific oil consumption of  HTPS Complex

0.417 (ml/kwh)

Ever lowest Auxiliary Power consumption of  HTPS Complex



Gangrel Hydro Electric Plant, (4X2.5 MW)


Ever highest Generation  of  Gangrel HEP

36.574 (MU)