Chhattisgarh State Power Holding Company Limited
Board of Directors
  Name Designation   Contact No.
  Shri Subrat Sahoo Chairman &   Office   0771-2574000  
  IAS Addl. Chief Secretary, Energy,       0771-4066900  
    Govt. of C.G.   Fax No.   0771-4028882  
        VoIP No.   102  
        Mail ID  

  Shri  Mohammed Qaiser Managing Director   Office   0771-2574200  
  Abdulhaque     Fax No.   0771-4066566  
  IAS     Centrex No.   4200  
        VoIP No.   142  
        PLCC No.   062-32  
        Mail ID  

  Shri Amitabh Jain Addl. Chief Secretary, Finance   Office   0771-2510950  
  IAS Govt. of C.G. &.   Fax No.   0771-2221204  
    Nominee Director   Mail ID  

  Shri Nirmal Kumar Bizora Nominee Director   Office   0771-2574400  
        Fax No.   0771-2262741  
        Centrex No.   4400  
        VoIP No.   122  
        PLCC No.   062-33  
        Mail ID  

  Smt. Ujjwala Baghel Director          


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