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Telephone Directory
    The Chairman
    The Board of Directors
    The Managing Director
    The Dy. General Manager (Human Resource)
    The Executive Director (Finance)
    The CE (Transmission)
    The CE (Load Dispatch)
    The CE (T&C)
    The CE (EHT : C&M)
    The CE (Civil - Transmission)
    The Addl. Chief Engineer (Commercial & Regulatory Affairs)
    The Officer on Special Duty (OSD),Mantralaya, Raipur
    EHV Sub Stations of Chhattisgarh State
    Dispensary, Daganiya, Raipur
    CSEB Guest House/ Rest House/ Camping House
    STD Codes for Cities of Chhattisgarh
  VoIP Directory (Voice over Internet Protocal)
    VoIP Directory
  Chhattsigarh State Electricity Regulatory Commission
    CSERC Directory


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